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A Little bit about me

Raised in Northern Manitoba, I was introduced to glass about 4 years ago, and instantly fell in love with it, upending my life and moving to Ontario to enroll in Sheridan College’s Craft & Design program and follow my passion. Soon into learning more about the medium I was introduced to engraving through a visiting artist and found the method of working which could finally express what I wanted to. The action of carving, tearing material away from a piece of glass to help shape it into something new and beautiful is an action that I feel reflects how our own experiences and struggles shape us into who we are. By carefully designing objects which uses the right shapes, colours, and textures in a meaningful way, you can express something that can't be said with words, in a way every person can respond to. My current body of work is based on this idea, with each sculpture being an expression of an emotion, experience, or a moment in the form of a carved glass object.